Ornament is proud to announce that we have helped to raise over $40,000 for area schools and charities during our years of Winter Tours!  Thank you to all our fans and patrons!  In helping to support us, you also helped to support them!

Local News Features

Wicked Local Wareham 12/16/18 edition
Limelight Magazine 11/26/10 edition

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 12/30/09 edition

New Bedford Standard Times 12/10/09 edition

Fall River Herald News 11/5/09 edition

Past Show Reviews

"Two sold out shows!  Fantastic musical performances!  Amazing light show!  The people of central PA love Ornament so run (don't walk) to get tickets if they appear in your area.  You will have a wonderful holiday experience.  Thank you, Ornament!"
          Will Jones
          Promotions & Productions Manager
          Altitude Entertainment
          January, 2017

"Ornament injects attitude into the holiday season. With a huge sound and an impressive light show, they've always impressed our crowds. The band is also as professional as they come. Ornament is the perfect change of pace for an audience that needs a break from the softer side of Christmas."
          Susan Lewis
          Norwood Theater
          September, 2015

"We have had the pleasure to bring Ornament to Delaware since December, 2012 and it has proven to be one of our most popular and anticipated shows of the year. The show is absolutely fantastic captivating the audiences with the unmistakable music of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. From the minute they begin until the minute they stop, the audience is swept away with this enchanting yet high-energy musical experience which always ends in a rousing standing ovation. Ornament has become a yearly holiday staple in our entertainment line-up and we look forward to their next visit. I would highly recommend Ornament to anyone!"
          Glenn Subers
          Director of Entertainment
          Harrington Raceway and Casino, Harrington, DE
          June, 2015

Ornament is a patron favorite. Audience members rave during intermission as well as after the concert. We have also received numerous requests for their return. Their stage presence, lighting, and music is powerful and impressive. The management for the group is more than fair and most of all professional. Our patrons, staff and tech crew look forward to the concert and seeing and hearing them again!”
          Cathy Levesque
          Executive Director/CEO
          Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
          June, 2015

"What a truly inspiring and magnificent performance- it is apparent to all of us that you have a gift to minister to people with your music.  Those in attendance had a most memorable evening thanks to you."
          Father Andre A Patenaude
          LaSalette Shrine Program Director
          January, 2010

This was perfect place to welcome new year
"I have had the pleasure of being able to enjoy the most pleasurable New Year's I have ever had, all due to Attleboro's jewel - LaSalette Shrine. On New Year's Eve they had adoration and their first New Year's Eve Midnight Mass. I have never before enjoyed New Year's so much. I hope that this becomes one of their regular traditions. I never want to spend my New Year any other way.
Then on Sunday, Jan. 3 I was there again to enjoy a concert done by a rock orchestra named Ornament. They put on one of the best performances I have ever seen. They put on a show that you would expect to see at a really fancy stadium. We got to see it and enjoy it right here in our own town in LaSalette's new auditorium.
Thank you to everyone that was responsible for having such wonderful opportunities so close to home."
          Ellen Chicoine, Attleboro Sun Chronicle
          January, 2010

"Ornament took the stage at 9:20 pm and delivered a performance that was up to par with acts charging ten times the price. 'Unbelievable!' and 'This is amazing!' were a few of the remarks about the performance heard from a highly participating crowd throughout the night.  The event opened 2009 with what was most likely the finest act in town.  Except for a short intermission, Ornament played right up to a count down to the New Year leading to a cacophony of noisemakers from the crowd. Auld Lang Syne ensued... and then Ornament rapped it up with a final reprise of the world renowned Trans Siberian Orchestra's 'Christmas Eve Sarajevo'. The audience left the Zeiterion entering the First Night of 2009 delighted."
          Jim Wilson, newbedford360.com,
          January, 2009

"I would like to thank Ornament for taking the time out to help the DSMA with our fundraising. The concert was a success! The performance was full of energy and exhilarating. A great way to kick off the holiday season! Your band drew in so many friendly people from out of town because they went on your website to check where you were performing. It was nice to meet and welcome so many new faces. Some of the spectators can’t seem to get enough of the show and they keep coming back for more. A great time was had by all and I’m sure if they weren’t in a festive mood when they walked into the door, they definitely were when they walked out!"
Happy Holidays to all of you and your families!
          Annmarie Dreher, DSMA President,
          December, 2008

"We were all simply blown away by Ornament. What a totally fun show. All the glitz and glimmer and the surprise snow falling from our auditorium ceiling, were just a few of the things that made it an extraordinary night. Everyone on the stage seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, from the drumstick twirling drummer, to the 'bookend' violin players who simply dazzled us all with their running around the stage. The beautiful duet of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' was breathtaking, while the orchestra's rendition of the 'Flight of The Bumblebee' was like nothing we have ever seen. We can't wait to have Ornament back again next year. SUCH a perfect show for the Holiday season !!!"
          Brenda Robinson, FORD President 
          December, 2008

"The evening of Saturday, December 1st in Westport was phenomenal at the high school. The 2nd annual Holiday Concert presented by Ornament – a tribute to the Trans Siberian Orchestra was a show like no other. 'The audience was in awe and the standing ovation was definitely a sign as to how much the show was enjoyed.'"
          Jeanne Cawley, PAWHS President,
          EverythingWestport.com, December, 2007

Audience Comments

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