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2013-14 Tour Dates

Tour dates for the 2013-14 Winter Tour are being finalized.  A number of dates have been posted on the Tour Dates page, so go check it out!  We are returning back to some familiar places, and have added some new venues as well.  Some shows already have tickets available, and more will be available soon.  We are still adding dates to the tour, so keep checking back to see what has been added!

New Twitter Account

Ornament now has a Twitter account!  As many of you know, we have had Facebook, MySpace, and other social media accounts for some time.  Well, for those of you who like to "tweet" please come join us!  As always- we LOVE to hear from our fans!  The Twitter feed can be seen on this page, just to the right of this news feed.  There are also links to our Twitter (and other social media) account at the bottom of most of the pages of our website.
Come and tweet us- we'd love to hear from you!

Ornament Blog

End of 2009-10 Winter Tour 

Another Ornament winter tour is in the books, and it was an AWESOME time!  We hope all of you enjoyed it like we did!  Feel free to leave us a note or two to let us know what ya thought...  Tell us the show you were at and what you thought about it.  Thanks!

End of the 2009 Winter Tour 

Hello Ornament Fans- On behalf of everyone in the band, thank YOU for an awesome 2008-09 Winter Tour! We closed out the tour with an awesome show at White's of Westport to support the Hudner Oncol...

Love to hear from our fans! 

Here is a chance for all of YOU to tell US what you think!  We will be updating the news section as things come along, and we would love for you to send us your thoughts.  Have been to one of our shows?  Please let us know what you think about it.

Set list 

Set One:  Wizards in Winter, An Angel Came Down, O Come All Ye Faithfull/O Holy Night, For the Sake of Our Brother, First Snow, A Mad Russian Christmas, Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24, Good King Jo...


Welcome to the official page for "Ornament". This page is currently in its early stages, so please bear with us as we get it up and running. I have uploaded pictures from last years show, and hope t...
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